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Seasons Greetings from the /r/Insurance Team!

Winter weather losses in the U.S. total over $1 billion annually. While Pacific Northwest winters are mild compared to the East Coast and Midwest, we still need to take precautions for increased risks associated with the winter months. Your Home Frozen Pipes: Insulate garages, attics and crawl spaces where pipes are exposed, and insulate the… Read More »

Questions about valuing contents of house after fire

Hello all and thanks in advance for reading! The contents of my home were damaged after a recent fire (no injuries thankfully!). Our insurance adjuster sent an inventory company over to the house which created a 1000+ line Excel document listing every single item in the house. I expected the adjuster to value the items,… Read More »

Yearly Travel insurance

Does anyone have a recommendation? At this point in life, I spend more time flying and want to insure those trips than a home. I see Amex offers this but it looks like its only for Canadians? submitted by /u/Brooklyn5points [link] [comments]

What are the odds? Pretty good. . .

New York Times columnist David Leonhardt discusses how people think about probability: People understand that if they roll a die 100 times, they will get some 1’s. But when they see a probability for one event, they tend to think: Is this going to happen or not? They then effectively round to 0 or to 100… Read More »

The Week in a Minute, 12/22/17

The III’s Michael Barry briefs our membership every week on key insurance related stories. Here are some highlights.  California’s Thomas Fire (Santa Barbara and Ventura counties) is now the second-largest in state history, having burned more than 270,000 acres. Three people died when an Amtrak train derailed near DuPont, Washington (Pierce County) on Monday, December… Read More »

Drivers, beware – perdiddle alert!

  These are the longest nights of the year, so here’s a driving tip: check the headlights on your car. This advice comes from my mechanic, who in the course of two weeks replaced the left headlight on both our vehicles. This is the season for headlights to burn out, he said – something about… Read More »