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[NJ] Medicaid Question

My Mom has a mass under her right eye. She has gone to her regular physician and ENT. Both of whom could not diagnose what it was. Multiple MRI’s have since ensued. The ENT does not want to touch the mass because it is touching her eye muscle and if something were to go wrong… Read More »

Phantom accident?

I’m using Metromile to get a quote on insurance, and I noticed it says that I have 2 at-fault accidents on file. One in 2013 (yep) and one in 2014 (??????). I’ve only ever been in one accident. I ran my driver’s record from the DMV and neither accident show up from the DMV report.… Read More »

Using my roommate’s car insured by his parents

Hi everyone, So I’ve never driven before (I’m an int’l student in the US), and it turns out that skill would actually really come in handy! I have to ask my boyfriend (also my roommate) to drive me anywhere, and it’s really annoying. He has a car that belongs to his dad, and also insured… Read More »