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does car color makes a difference?

I am about to lease a new car, so I went on Geico and put in the vin number of 2 different cars on geico’s website to get a quote first car have MSRP of $51,940, will be a lease and I got a quote for about $1200 a year (this one is red) 2nd… Read More »

Warranty on car with aftermarket parts.

I hope I’m following the rules here but I have a question about voiding a warranty. I have had aftermarket headlights on my car, my car was experiencing electrical issues all over the place including the window the dashboard and also the headlights, I even tested and found the battery was bad. I brought my… Read More »

From the I.I.I. Daily: Our most popular content, June 25 to June 28

Here are the 4 most clicked on articles from the I.I.I. Daily newsletter. Commercial auto stubbornly resists efforts to end red ink, Auto Insurance Report Why you need an umbrella insurance policy, Kiplinger’s Pawnee Fire map, Google Maps What’s the Yield Curve? ‘A Powerful Signal of Recessions’ Has Wall Street’s Attention, The Wall Street Journal… Read More »

How will this brief brush with tobacco affect my insurance in the long term future? Told my doctor I occasionally take drags of friends cigarettes, labeled “current smoker” on med record

I mentioned to my doctor that I occasionally share (once every few days) drags of a cigarette with friends. I don’t regularly smoke. I looked at my medical records from this visit and it says “current smoker”, which concerns me as now I’m lumped in with people who smoke regularly. I am very, very concerned… Read More »

Term life Insurance only or with living benefit rider?

I am trying to get myself a term life insurance of 20 yrs just for my 8 yr old daughter. I requested for a quote and they also sent me a term life with living benefit rider. I read through it. They define into three categories, terminal, chronic, specified illness. With terminal and chronic condition,… Read More »

[CA] Life Insurance conditional receipt expired

I’m undergoing underwriting for Life Insurance and received a letter saying my conditional receipt coverage has been expired as they haven’t received a “properly completed signed application and all medical examinations and test results” within 45 days. I reached out to my insurance agent but haven’t gotten a hold of her yet about this. I… Read More »