Monthly Archives: August 2018

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need?

Everyone searches for ways to save. Whether its choosing Costco over Whole Foods, or taking public transit to work in lieu of driving, most people are looking for ways to stretch that extra buck as far along as possible. Car insurance is no different. We here at EINSURANCE believe saving is certainly good, but everything… Read More »

[Crosspost] r/legaladvice. Therapist didn’t tell me my insurance stopped covering visits for four months and now says I owe thousands of dollars. What can I do?

Looking for some advice for how to proceed. I started seeing a specialized therapist outside of my HMO network last summer, because there were no specialists within my HMO network. I got a referral from my PCP and it was sent directly to my therapist. Every few weeks, my therapist let me know she was… Read More »

Recent crash (not at fault)

Was recently hit in my truck and it caused about 10K in damage. I finally received my truck back yesterday and noticed it has a vibration when it sits idle. I took it to the repair shop for a few other repairs they overlooked and had them fix it, but the guy at the shop… Read More »