By | October 20, 2018

Reside in AZ. I’ve been given the run round right now between insurance coverage firm and my work HR and I nonetheless haven’t been given a reply. Insurance coverage firm has me arrange on intermittent FMLA that ends on my due date which I don’t perceive why and I don’t know what is going to occur once I go move this date? I’ve had unhealthy morning illness and blood strain issues and had to make use of about three weeks of my FMLA. My first query is why is my FMLA ending on my due date? Second factor my physician now desires me to go on a shorten schedule that I’m estimating will eat a few week or 2 or my FMLA leaving me with 7 weeks left. My work offers me eight weeks paid maturity depart. Will my maternity depart take from my FMLA? And if it does what is going to occur if I run out of FMLA? submitted by /u/auntie2mommy [link] [comments]