Hiring tree trimmer with out insurance coverage?

By | October 22, 2018

House owner right here: A neighbor down the road does just a little little bit of every thing for his livelihood, together with tree work. He doesn’t have any particular insurance coverage. We’ve some branches that dangle over an influence line and are leaning in the direction of our home and a useless tree close to the facility pole. He would have somebody climb to get the overhanging branches. What occurs if he hurts himself whereas engaged on my property? What occurs if he damages the home or the facility pole? I’ve had a tree man out who’s an arborist and has on his card “absolutely insured” so I needed to ask right here what this implies. What’s he insured in opposition to? We’ve normal owners coverage and 1,000,000 greenback umbrella coverage. submitted by /u/UngluedChalice [link] [comments]