My spouse was rear ended by a industrial driver. The drivers insurance coverage has determined to complete the automobile. Some info on the automobile. It was model new, with 505 miles on it. So my query is, what can I anticipate?

By | October 22, 2018

I went straight to the drivers insurance coverage after letting my insurance coverage know there was an accident. I filed a declare with this insurance coverage, three weeks later they determined the automobile was a complete loss. At this level I’m not certain what occurs. Clearly I do know this automobile is price lower than after I purchased and drove it off the lot every week earlier than the accident. Would it not be to a lot to ask the opposite insurance coverage to exchange it? Or is that simply unrealistic? Any info could be useful, that is the primary time I needed to cope with an insurance coverage declare reminiscent of this. I simply wish to know what to anticipate and the adjusters of mentioned drivers insurance coverage at lower than useful. submitted by /u/obvious_throwaway_5 [link] [comments]