Rear ended and different get together at fault, filed third get together declare. He’s not responding.

By | October 25, 2018

The opposite day my spouse was hit from behind in a minor accident. She was stopped at gentle and rear ended. It is clearly 100% the opposite driver’s fault which he admitted on the scene and there’s a police report. We filed a declare in opposition to his insurance coverage State Farm they usually say he isn’t responding or cooperating. Is the easiest way ahead to inform our insurance coverage and allow them to deal with subrogation? The one factor that worries me is that she had one at fault accident 2 years in the past and although it is not her fault this time I’ve heard even an “incident” can increase your charges. Wouldn’t it possibly make extra monetary sense to only pay for what ought to be minor repairs fairly than take care of potential price enhance? submitted by /u/ilovecheeze [link] [comments]