Progressive is asking (forcing) us to fully exchange our roof or drop our protection. Do I’ve any means for recourse?

By | October 29, 2018

My spouse and I acquired a written discover from Progressive (Homesite) relating to the roof on our residence. We simply bought the house in June 2018 with the roof not cited as a direct concern. There is no such thing as a structural or efficiency indicators to point {that a} new roof is critical. There may be pure wear-and-tear proof typical of a roof that’s roughly 12 years outdated. ​ Progressive is stating that we should exchange our roof, with proof of labor carried out and structural integrity, by February 21, 2019. We now have been involved with a number of roofing corporations about changing our roof within the subsequent 12 months or so anyway, however as we simply bought our residence with no roofing points cited, this appears very suspect to me. ​ Do I’ve any recourse to struggle this, equivalent to having separate roofing inspection carried out? Is it time to search for a special insurance coverage firm? submitted by /u/daywalkin_ginge [link] [comments]