Please assist me perceive what this denial of dental providers means?

By | October 30, 2018

If that is the incorrect sub, my apologies – please direct me to the suitable one and I’ll delete this! I acquired a letter within the mail as we speak by my insurance coverage (Horizon NJ Well being) saying that my “request for D7220 providers had been denied”. I didn’t know what that service is for however a fast google search stated that it’s for a delicate tissue tooth extraction. I’m actually confused as a result of the letter doesn’t say far more about this denial or what the service was for anyway (wouldn’t have recognized had I not google it) besides that I can submit a declare to attraction this resolution. I had a tooth extraction executed again in August for a supernumerary tooth that was inflicting points for me, which I had authorization from my insurance coverage for and my dentist claimed as obligatory. After I got here for a checkup, they talked about one thing about submitting a declare for a scaling and planing process, and likewise to get my knowledge tooth eliminated (all four are impacted and not possible to scrub on account of how they’re positioned and the scale of my jaw). My query is, was this letter referring again to the supernumerary extraction I had again in August, the potential knowledge extractions, or the the scaling and planing (and if that’s the case, why the codes aren’t matching up)? I plan on going to my dentist’s workplace this weekend and attempting to resolve this, however I simply need to have the ability to wrap my head round what this preliminary declare was for to start with. If it was the tooth extraction already executed, would I’ve to retroactively pay a invoice (none was decided within the letter) although I had authorization for it again then? Sorry if this looks like a silly query or it is senseless, I nonetheless don’t have an excellent grasp of insurance coverage on the whole, and this letter is throwing off my 23 12 months previous thoughts. submitted by /u/bugs_mcgee [link] [comments]