Any motive my therapist workplace submitted payments for a supplier I’m not seeing?

By | October 31, 2018

I’m ready to listen to again from my medical insurance about this however I additionally wished to see what the Reddit group mentioned. I checked my claims and located that my remedy had billed for 2 claims, with two completely different remedy suppliers, on the identical day a number of occasions in April and Might. The code they utilized in every declare is 60 minutes psychotherapy. I solely get providers from one of many suppliers listed for 60 minutes of psychotherapy weekly. I’ve a $10 copayment for that go to. The opposite supplier listed I’ve by no means seen, and there’s a $32 copayment listed which I’ve by no means paid or acquired a invoice for. The claims are on the identical day for a similar service and the insurer has marked them each as paid. Is there any potential motive that is like this? Edited for readability. submitted by /u/search4truthnrecipes [link] [comments]