How a lot does private danger issue into selecting medical insurance coverage?

By | November 1, 2018

I am presently selecting a well being plan offered by my firm. Moderately than record the choices, I’ve a extra basic query re: high- and low-deductable plans. I am moderately wholesome and have by no means smoked. I get a number of drugs every month (whole co-pay at $10 per is $30) and customarily have no power points. However I bike into work on daily basis, and I hold the chance of a crash at the back of my thoughts. It feels bizarre to say this, however my most probably medical expense could also be a big expense that has a reasonably low likelihood of occurring. My query is: does private danger like driving a motorbike issue into selecting a medical health insurance? In that case, I would select a plan that prices extra upfront however has a reasonably low deducatable. Thanks in your recommendation, insurance coverage professionals of Reddit! submitted by /u/plasticdisplaysushi [link] [comments]