Ought to I proceed preventing about my automobile accident with the semi truck or go to small court docket claims?

By | November 3, 2018

Posted right here a couple of month in the past relating to an accident I had with a semi truck on the freeway. He sideswiped my camry and I didn’t file a police report at the moment (I remorse that now). Mexico’s drivers license and invalid insurance coverage as nicely. Replace: They lastly had their new insurance coverage contacted me and I informed my model of the story and his insurance coverage stored asking me if there have been cameras/witnesses and I mentioned no. He concluded that “since there have been no witnesses or cameras, we’re gonna ship you a denial letter.” His model is we had been merging and the automobile subsequent to mine swerve into my lane and I swerved into his, which doesn’t even make sense as a result of my driver’s aspect is BENT IN and my rear mirror didn’t even fall off. I’m dumbfounded that that is an insurance coverage firm as a result of it doesn’t take a mind to comprehend that in case you’re going straight and a automobile swerve into your lane, it might’ve left a straight form of mark on the automobile. The following day, I referred to as once more saying I want the denial letter to go to small court docket claims and requested to confirm the story once more. The insurance coverage mentioned the driving force acknowledged I modified lanes proper in entrance of him on the freeway whereas merging and I informed him “are you certain it’s altering lanes” and he goes “you swerved into his lane” so I requested “is it altering lanes or swerving” and his insurance coverage mentioned “altering lanes or swerving is similar factor.” I requested if they might write down the drivers assertion since they’ve mine and he goes “I’ll ship you a denial letter” and I mentioned “I perceive, however in case you’re going to disclaim my declare, you’re going to have write why you’re denying my declare” and he mentioned “yeah, I’ll write you a denial letter.” I spoke to my pal (used to work for a automobile insurance coverage firm) and he mentioned it’s inconceivable that I hit him on the freeway as a result of if that was the case, my automobile would’ve spun as a result of it’s loads smaller than the semi truck and I might’ve almost certainly be within the hospital or useless. The one cause why I need justice finished is as a result of they’ve been toying with me for two months. I spoke to California freeway patrol and so they informed me that his Mexico’s drivers license is invalid, but when he has a allow to briefly be right here then it’s thought-about legitimate. I don’t know something concerning the authorized system. I don’t know show my case though it’s very apparent what occurred and I don’t know if I ought to proceed preventing with their insurance coverage to keep away from small court docket claims. My pal already discovered a flaw in his declare concerning the location of the accident, however I haven’t mentioned something but. I’m hoping they’re doing one thing unlawful and doesn’t present to court docket so I might win. Ought to I’m going to small court docket claims or proceed preventing with their insurance coverage? submitted by /u/099throwaway0972 [link] [comments]