Disputing CLUE report “at-fault accident” from a number of years in the past. Is it possible, or waste of time?

By | November 4, 2018

So, I have been trying round for data and attempting to determine whether or not I’m losing my time and vitality on this. Apologies if this isn’t the fitting place for this sort of query, LexisNexis is at present closed for the weekend so I can not even ask them. It’s that point of 12 months to resume my automobile insurance coverage coverage and in flip store round for higher charges. I’ve an accident on my file from 2017 which was completely my fault, so no query there. I’ve another accident on my file from 6/2016 which was labeled as “at-fault”, however I’m questioning whether or not that is correct. If not, I have been paying much more than I ought to have been, so I might prefer to see if that is disputable earlier than buying one other coverage this month. I used to be on the freeway after I evidently ran over a bit of highway particles. It turned out to be a brake pad from one other automobile. The brake pad punctured my tire and was embedded in my wheel, rendering it destroyed. I wanted to interchange the wheel and tire which price ~$1,300, so I filed an insurance coverage declare. My insurance coverage firm stated that that is “my fault” as a result of there was no different driver concerned. I argue that there was one other driver concerned, the one who left their rattling brake pad on the freeway. Am I losing my vitality in being indignant about this? Are they extra saying that there wasn’t one other insurance coverage firm concerned somewhat than one other driver? You possibly can’t see a brake pad within the highway whereas going 70 mph. However I needed to faucet from my insurance coverage coverage, not the opposite individual’s. The insurance coverage firm stated that this information was collected from a CLUE report which is compiled by LexisNexis. Does anybody have any expertise disputing the classification of one thing like this? Edit: Thanks for the feedback, the consensus appears to be that I’ve no recourse. Hopefully the following renewal in 2019 shall be simpler to swallow. submitted by /u/cactipus [link] [comments]