I had 2 insurances for just a few months. Query on the way it works.

By | February 11, 2019

My employer by chance enrolled me once more for 2019. I acquired HIP late final yr as a result of my insurance coverage by means of work was free (it was for tax functions so I would not get a nice. That is how the enroll paper learn. So it does not really cowl something.) I’ve since straightened it out I believe. I despatched them proof of advantages ended by way of fax. I am calling to comply with up this week. Been working this out since Jan seventh. For these claims processing from after I was lined by means of each corporations, the hospital must try to invoice main first proper? Then my HIP ought to choose it up? HIP is Indianas state insurance coverage. I’ve 2k in payments whereas that is all pending. I’ve let the hospital know what is going on on too. I believe I included the entire information wanted. If I have never please let me know. submitted by /u/scarbaby1313 [link] [comments]