Is House Coated Underneath House Insurance coverage If Home Burns Down Due To Improperly Put in Outlet?

By | March 14, 2019

I’ve at all times had an irrational concern of home fires. Any time I’ve put in one thing, I’ve at all times employed electricians to do my work…besides one time when my brother-in-law and me put in an outlet (tapping into a lightweight change). The outlet has been working nice for over a 12 months with zero points…however I’m at all times frightened if one thing occurred beginning at that outlet (like a fireplace/injury/and so forth) would my house insurance coverage cowl it? Or would they deny it as a result of I did it myself and an electrician didn’t come out to my home to put in it? Thanks prematurely! submitted by /u/johndoejohndoes [link] [comments]