I rearended a stopped automobile on the freeway and he feld the scene. How a lot fault is mine?

By | March 17, 2019

I used to be following a cousin’s automobile on the freeway and he immediately braked and shortly change over to the following lane. I did not notice the automobile in entrance of him was stopped fully till it was too late and I could not brake sufficient to cease myself from rear ending the automobile. I pulled over and the blokes did as nicely for a couple of minutes earlier than taking off once more. I used to be too shocked to get his license plate and my cousin was too busy worrying about me as nicely. My cousin stated the automobile I crashed into was swerving a bit earlier than the incident so he feels the driving force might have been intoxicated. Police was known as, I gave my assertion and somebody who pulled over behind me acted as a witness. Officer stated that with out the license plate it is almost unattainable to search out the car that left the scene. How fucked am I for this? submitted by /u/fgbgddfcdfgg [link] [comments]