Renters insurance coverage state of affairs with roommate

By | April 15, 2019

Hey everybody, I’m renting an residence in a metropolis the place my college is with a longtime good friend. Her mother purchased us a renters insurance coverage coverage as a result of it said that we wanted to have it within the lease. I used to be paying her half of the premium (like $7 a month). It not too long ago got here to my consideration that roommates usually usually are not lined on renters insurance coverage insurance policies. I checked out the exhausting copy of the coverage and my identify was no the place on it so I’m assuming I’m not lined beneath it. I advised my roommate to refund me the cash I used to be paying her and that I might simply get my very own coverage. She bought actually aggravated by this and is claiming that I’m on the coverage and that my belongings are lined and I must maintain paying her. I’m not a lot anxious about my stuff being stolen or ruined, as a result of I’m a university pupil and I don’t have good issues. I’m extra anxious in regards to the legal responsibility facet of the coverage not masking me if one thing horrible have been to occur in our residence. Anybody promote renters insurance coverage insurance policies usually and know if it often covers roommates or what the deal is with that? Ought to I’m going out and get my very own coverage? Thanks!!! submitted by /u/IndieBondholder [link] [comments]