Insurance coverage for older automobiles

By | May 13, 2019

I get that I want insurance coverage, moreso for the “different man” however making an attempt to get a quote on a 2005 Lexus RX and a 2007 Saturn Vue and all over the place recommends no collision or complete protection. Now I’m a wreck with no protection, I’ve nothing proper? What if the wreck is minor and the automobile is repairable? Do I simply pay all of it out of pocket? Now what if I pay for the protection and now i’ve a $500 deductible however the automobile remains to be not repairable? Have i accomplished myself any favors by having the protection? Each automobiles are doubtless work round $3,000 or much less. So any wreck, dangerous sufficient would whole the automobiles primarily based on age and miles regardless. Simply questioning if it’s well worth the threat or am i simply tossing cash every month? Not available in the market for a brand new automobile any time quickly so my older automobiles should do. In spite of everything they’re each paid for. Thanks submitted by /u/JaredJon2000 [link] [comments]