Can Progressive’s Snapshot enhance my charges?

By | June 14, 2019

I reside in Minnesota and have been knowledgeable by insurance coverage firms and some on-line sources that in Minnesota Legislation it is unlawful to extend your charges off of packages like this. However I used to be questioning if somebody who’s properly versed on this stuff had a second opinion. So whereas they could not be capable of enhance my present charges, can they use that knowledge to extend my charges when it is time to renew my contract, assuming I am a foul driver? ​ To preface, I take into account myself to be a median to pretty good driver and contemplating I take the bus too and from work and have solely placed on 4000 miles within the 9 months I’ve had the automotive. So I hope I might do properly with this check, I simply need to know worst case state of affairs earlier than I dive into this program! Bonus query, how lengthy do I must be utilizing snapshot? I’ve heard anyplace from 90 days to six months. ​ Thanks upfront!! submitted by /u/odrizy [link] [comments]